Hello World!

Reflections of a man (Danny Scott)

Hi and welcome to “Dans-cage”– my blog.


The idea here is simply to humbly invite you into my World, into my heart; to share some thoughts and insights, more often through original poetry, prose, and poetic journal;  – Sometimes measured, sometimes a little more random and sometimes, quite probably somewhere out there ‘on another planet!’

But always harnessed to, and resonating with, the paradox that is the ‘complex simplicity’ of life and living.

I am not ‘a writer’ per se, (which will very soon become apparent!) In fact, having been expelled from school in my mid-teens and barely able to read and write at all at the age of eighteen I only really began to write anything close to what might very loosely be called ‘properly’ when I was in my mid-twenties!

In a way it’s not so much ‘writing’ as it is a volcanic heart eruption that explodes onto the page!  The spelling is always highly suspect, and the grammar pretty much guaranteed to be all over the place!

Do I care about all that?   No, not really (as long as you get my heart!)

Most of my poetry is written to be spoken out-loud, some maybe to be shouted, some even screamed! I don’t necessarily choose this, and most certainly do not write poetry to be ‘performed’ but I am an extremely passionate man and can only write and express from the very core and depth of my being, and in doing so, inevitably, once I have written something, it often finds a way to surface somewhere, as another ‘life-damn’ breaks, or ‘life-volcano’ erupts.

But, it’s not all angst-driven chaos and mayhem (although I must admit that there is quite a lot of that!) There’s also a lot of subtle, quiet, tenderness and calm amid the thunder too!

Over the years, after various concerts and performances many people have enquired and asked me if my poetry is out there, accessible on-line, which it has been and is to a limited degree. However, through this blog I am endeavouring to offer at least a semi-regular drip-feed of thoughts, inspiration and poetry over the coming seasons.  My work is ‘precious’, but not necessarily “precious” if you get me (?) It has invariably cost a lot in its conception, but is born to be shared, experienced and hopefully to make at least some kind of a small difference to the good, and so I invite you to “rattle my cage” with your thoughts and comments, and to also share with, and join me for the ride.  Let’s see what happens!

So… All of that to say – Welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to join me, I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy!


Danny Scott

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