A Friend

“A Friend”



…The fog was partly self-induced, partly self-protection and partly an inevitable implosion as the walls of sensitivity, control, respect, belief & hope that I had accepted and believed in, all came crashing down around me resulting in  spectacular rage and dysfunction.

However, I still felt very deeply and in doing so I wrote… poetry (…of a kind?!). Most of what I wrote during this season is not fit nor appropriate to be repeated or reproduced in any fashion at all!

But hidden away in the midst of the fog there was a naive, simple little child, a little boy who dreamt and wrote poetry and little songs about friendship and about a different, better World.


“A Friend”


A friend is your companion, when the road ahead is rough

A friend will bring security, happiness and love

A friend is always with you, – in his thoughts and in the flesh

A friend is careful not to hurt – in anything he says

A friend will come to visit you, to listen to your woes

A friend will try to help you out, before he turns and goes


A friend is thinking of you, be you near or far away

A friend will not forget you, when he kneels to pray

A friend will stick beside you, throughout the ‘thick’ and ‘thin’

A friend can put his trust in you, and you put yours in him

A friend will give his seat to you, and sit upon the floor

A friend is a precious gift from God – and one we thank him for


A friend is always quick to help – ‘prepared to play his part

A friend will always care, protect – and love with all his heart.


© Danny Scott (Age 15 yrs).

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