The Teenage Years (oh dear!…)

… So the idea here is for me (over the coming months…) to offer and share a collection of poetry that I wrote (and again I use the word ‘wrote’ loosely) when I was somewhere between the ages of 15/16 and 19/20 years old.

Some of the very early ‘stuff’ has had to be translated, transposed, deciphered, decoded… from my original scribblings, from back in a time when I had it all passionately rumbling away in my head and heart, but (as previously mentioned in this blog) did not posses anything close to the written skills nor ability required to actually ‘write it down’ in any generally accepted, legible or recognized form!

It’s all the original wording of the season, time and year, but with corrected spelling and vaguely improved grammar(!?).

Some is quite scary, some, sad, some spectacularly naive, some pretty dire, and some…err?… hmm?!… but it’s all part of the journey eh?!


NB: Page under construction, it will be up and running with the first offering/s soon!

– Watch this space!  …………………..


2 thoughts on “The Teenage Years (oh dear!…)

  1. Hey Danny, I think it’s awesome that you’ve got the guts/humility/craziness to put your very first poetic scribblings out there on the world wide web! The truth always rings true, however unsophisticated a vehicle it comes in. Rock on! Amy

    • Thank you. Yeah, definitely “unsophisticated” for sure! and yeah, it is pretty scary in a way to put such obvious lacking, cliched, transparent naivety and raw heart ‘out there’ but as you so rightly say, the truth always rings true… and in so doing perhaps unlocks a little more inspiration and a little more belief for us all. – I hope so… / D.

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