Our dreams are not only for ourselves – (Part 2).

The dream/s we have can burn and rumble deep down in the core of our being, sometimes so deep down and so overwhelmingly precious that we don’t really know what to do with it/them, so, often, many people do nothing at all, but the dream still rumbles.

 The dream (vision) needs to be acknowledged, trusted and released, not just for the individual him/herself (the ‘dreamer’), but also for others – in fact… that’s the reason for the God-given dream in the first place! Some consider it arrogant to accept and act upon such dreams; however, in fact it is more arrogant not to do so.


Many of us are ‘here’ only because of the dreams of others.  Others who were inspired, willing and brave enough to passionately embrace, trust and release the dream!

BECAUSEOur dreams are not just for ourselves, but for others, too.


In Memphis, Tennessee, there is a memorial plaque to Martin Luther King and inscribed on it are the words: “Here comes that dreamer, let’s kill him – then see what becomes of his dream”.  It is, of course, a quote from Genesis 37, initially referring to Joseph. ‘They’ did indeed kill Martin Luther King and yes, we can see what became of his dream (and in some ways is still becoming!) Many of us would not enjoy the freedom we do today were it not for his dream.

But the waiting and the doubt and the bruising discouragement hurts, really hurts! We can quickly find ourselves amongst people politely smiling and nodding at our dreams, looking through patronising eyes of pitiful sympathy. Or others, not prepared to fully identify with you or your dream, but quietly poised, ready to take advantage (having “always been there for you”) should it actually develop favourably;  A kind of emotional, spiritual or visionary rape.


It can be an isolated and very lonely place to be. The comfort and encouragement we need will not so much come from the dream or vision itself (and certainly not from many of those around us) but from being squarely rooted in our own calling (the prophetic vision – our dream) from Papa-God Himself.


Not so long ago, I found myself in the unenviable process of losing my home, packing to leave the UK in obedience to God for ‘somewhere in Europe’ for an ‘unidentifiable period of time’. Events of the past handful of years had not unfolded as I had envisaged;   some dreams had not yet been fulfilled, some potential not fully realised.  It had not been comfortable and I didn’t fully understand it.

But, it’s not about being comfortable or understanding, nor is it about people understanding or agreeing with us or our dream. It’s about believing and actively waiting. “Write the revelation (vision) down on a tablet … though it may linger, waiting for it…” (Hab 2:3).

No, it isn’t always (if ever) fully clear. That’s because it’s a dream – a vision. And no, those around you often (usually) don’t ‘get it’ – that’s because it’s yours, not theirs!


We can never realise our full potential, shape our own world and the world and culture around us if we continually dampen, dilute or simply refuse to live our lives in the light of our God-given dreams. Being a dreamer does not mean being some pathetic ‘Pierrot’ – out of touch with reality.  It is front-line stuff – stuff that can change a life, a culture, a world.  Stuff you can get killed for!


“Here comes that dreamer….”

British author and playwright George Bernard Shaw once said: “You see things and you ask ‘Why?’ I dream things and I ask ‘Why not?”

Many of us are simply afraid to dream. Perhaps we once had a dream, something we trusted and believed in and then it was shattered;  this hurt – really hurt! so, as a result some people say “I will never dream again…”, the theory being that if we don’t dream, we don’t get hurt. The problem with that is that Papa-God wants to give us ‘beyond our wildest dreams’! – And, our dreams are not only for ourselves!

This poem I wrote many years ago for a friend and has become a bit of a poem-anthem for many others too, in the ensuing years that have followed.  It is dedicated to those of us, any and all of us who in any way at all are afraid to dream.  – Perhaps it’s for all of us?


Afraid to Dream

I’ve always been afraid to dream afraid to bare my soul,

‘Afraid to even think about just what my future holds

I want so much to speak my mind, say what I really feel inside,

But when I finally get my chance – I run away and hide.

My head is so full of questions, frustrations and fears;

My heart seems numb and lifeless deep within,

Just when I’ve found the answers I’ve been wanting for so long,

It seems another string of questions just begin.

And in the quietness of my room, I kneel beside my bed,

Advice and accusations spinning, ‘spinning round my head

I’ve tried to live my life for you I’ve tried with all my heart’,

But now it seems that life I was given is now falling apart…

I’ve always been afraid to dream.


© Danny Scott

‘Afraid to Dream’: featured on the “Only when it’s time” Poetry/Music CD by Danny Scott