Memories of a Child…


… You kinda need to to step back a few years into ‘childhood-zone’ and hear this one in your head!…

“Memories of a Child”…


Brrm brm – a motor-car

      Whooosh! – an aeroplane

               Nyeeaarr  nyeeaarr a motor-bike

                          (and of course a ‘Choo- choo train’);

                                                    Running through the forest, all care-free and wild,

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Lead Me

A number of years back (well… pushing close to a couple of decades actually to be fair!),  I was on-tour in Australia, I was honoured and privileged to find myself in such a beautiful country with such beautiful and precious people, and doing work that I loved and was called to do.

I was taking a couple of days ‘off’ arranged by our tour organizer and dear friend, – a change of scene (and pace) from a crazy schedule, – ‘chilling-out in a small bay area, within the tropical rainforest region just off Brisbane; – a little slice of ‘paradise.

However, I was hurting quite a lot inside and very unsettled at the time.  It was part way through the tour and there were still quite a lot of performances and workshops for me to complete, which was great! – but I knew that there were also a lot of challenges, discomfort and obstacles that lay ahead.


Lying on a near-deserted beach seemed a good place to gain some perspective, – and gain perspective I certainly did!  The challenges and pressures were very real but I was invigorated and prolific in creatively! – Somewhere in the midst of logistics, and the near-surrender to the Continue reading



The ‘Willow’ is one of my favourite trees; achingly beautiful…



“…And the burdened willow, weeps her lament, –

for thoughts not thought,

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Five Simple Cases


I was recently once again reminded (as if I needed to be?!) of just how cyclical Life can sometime be…

Quite a few years back I had been based and working with an organization half-way across the World from ‘home’ (for which the definition of this particular word will have to wait for another time).  We’d been there for 5 years.

I was initially invited and commissioned to go out for 5 months, to design and set up a mime & physical-theatre training module at the academy there.

So the original plan was 5 months…  –  5 years later, I was finally leaving!


Those five years had been (and, in some ways, still remain) the most pivotal and defining years of my life! – a ‘season’ for which I am eternally thankful.   The ‘highs‘ had been dynamically and Continue reading

In a town called One-Day

Danny Scott: Poetry & Performing-Arts:


I have had, and continue to have, the very real privilege of travelling, teaching, performing, and (a little less often) just simply ‘hanging-out’ in a number of different countries worldwide.   It was Oscar Wilde who once said “School got in the way of my education!…” a statement that doesn’t so much resonate as thunderously crash into, and reverberate within, my own school experience as previously mentioned.


However, a significant amount of my ‘life-education’ has come from, and been deeply tempered by my numerous challenges, mistakes, hurts, joys and defining personal and professional experiences, that have occurred within these other countries and cultures, – this really is a very real ‘education’ for sure!

There are of course many, many differences of opinion, in terms of customs, appropriate behaviour, belief-systems, rhetorical stance, corporate and personal world-view, national attitudes and the like… but within all of these multiple national and international differences, one clear invariant that penetrates to the core of all and every country, culture and sub-culture is the hunger for a solid and clear identity, in who we are!   – An identity that is forged and founded in Papa-God.

I have lost count of the numerous times and occasions, deep into the night, or within the whisper of the small-hours of the early morning, or simply thrown out there during Continue reading