Prelude to a Breakdown


 And it’s not a warm, inspiring dream

But more a stale, mundane routine

Dull with a sense of being alone – a radio play in monotone.


And the clichés roll; “be cruel to be kind”,

“One day at a time”, “love is blind”.

Then in the silence, I hear the drone that is my life in monotone.


And in a moment far away

The promise of a brand new day

Appeared to only be ‘on loan’ to the numbing life in monotone.


And so it is with no surprise,

That with pure disillusioned eyes,

The tender heart soon turns to stone, to cope with life in monotone.


And vision, hope and appetite

Evaporated through the night

Trust and confidence have flown, deserting the life in monotone.


And all the loved ones cry out loud

And reminisce – “you made us proud,-

Ahh, but if we’d only known you lived your life in monotone”.


And days are hours on a clock

Heart and mind both under lock

And the seeds of despair are fully grown, in the field of life in monotone.


(C) Danny Scott


[Taken from the Poetry  & Music CD: “Only when it’s time”  & featured in the solo physical-theatre piece “Numb” by Danny Scott].

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