Yeah And?

So he said he’d call; and after all-

If you juggle for so long, you’re gonna drop the ball

And you’ve wasted all your time

Just waiting for that phone to ring


So the sun don’t shine; and the day’s full of rain

The car won’t start – and the fridge is broke again

You’ve lost your keys

(And) got no credit for your mobile phone


So you’ve been let down; you had a meeting in town

You waited for three-hours, but no-one came around

You’ve overdosed on caffeine

And you’ve just missed the last bus home


So the email wasn’t sent; and you can’t pay the rent

And the window won’t shut – coz the frame is bent

You’ve got a blister on your foot

And today just didn’t go as planned

So you’re angry and confused, and don’t know what to do.  – Yeah And?


This is not a game that we wanna play

And in an ideal World it wouldn’t be this way

We search for knowledge, but we still don’t understand

You’re tired and frustrated and can’t hold it all together – Yeah And?… 


So you’ve passed your test, and they said you were the best

But you just found out  – you’re no better than the rest

You studied for so long-

But you still can’t find a job


You’re friends are moving on, – (and) you don’t feel that you belong

It started off so well, you don’t know how it all went wrong

The security you knew-

Just slips through your fingers like sand

So you’ve gotta-let-it-go-and-start-all-over-again   – Yeah And?…

So you’ve had few breaks: and your body aches

(and) you’re still living with the consequence of past mistakes

And people all around you fell apart-

When they said they’d stand

So you’re left all alone, just-you-and-God – Yeah And?…


  (c) Danny Scott

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