Until then…(‘here I am’)

The corpse of yet another dream,  is starting to decay

Leaves from ‘the tree of promise’- have all been blown away

The promises I made, have all- fallen apart

I search for a ‘new beginning’

But I don’t know where to start


My ‘ship of good intentions’  just couldn’t ride the waves

Capsized out in the ocean,  heading for the grave

‘Tossed up o the shore-line, – was I carried?  ‘had I swam?

One day I’ll know the answer

Until then… Here I am


The crack runs down the inside wall,  from the ceiling to the floor

I have the faith, to think I’m safe – but I really can’t be sure

Despite my strength and passion, I’m just a broken man

In time I’ll heal to stand again

But until then… Here I am


All my firm convictions, the things I said I’d do

‘Reflected in that old cracked wall

‘Daylight shining through

My ‘words of life’, like emails,  turned out to be just  ‘spam’

I’ll soar above, the damaged love

But until then… Here I am


The faith remains defiant

‘Belief remains intact

‘Hope still drives me forward

(Even though the shell is cracked)

I know that I’m still growing, into whom I really am

I’ll rise up from the ashes

But until then… Here I Am.


© Danny Scott.

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