Shades of Life (‘peacock-blue’)

Embarking on the journey, – heading down the track,

‘Life’ upon your shoulders,  carried like a sack

Focussed on the future, refusing to look back

Doubt, despair everywhere;

The colour: – Black


Fashioned by the seasons, the places you have been

‘Joys that you have tasted, the beauty you have seen

The sound of quiet questioning – the smell of the obscene

The touch of restoration;

The colour: – Green


Emerging from the shadows, (of) the falsehoods you’ve been told

Wise enough to sieve through,  the precious things you hold

Not afraid of being young – ‘nor of growing old

Standing tall,  above it all

The colour: – Gold


Suspicious of tomorrow,  and all that has been said

Where ‘life’ seemed full and vital – it now seems cold and dead

But is this a reality? –  or just confusion in my head?

Turn the page –  confront the rage

The colour: – Red


Waking with the sunrise, – throwing off the night

‘The fruit of life’ on offer,  step up and take a bite

The burden of low self-esteem , becoming strangely light

Standing proud beyond the cloud

The colour: – White


Waking with A sudden lack of confidence,  a fear that you might drown

Whispering voices in your mind,  soon cause you to frown

Ugliness and beauty,  both wrestle for the crown

Tarnished in the struggle

The colour: – Brown


Laughing in a moment,  of re-discovered play

Smiling with a new belief,  that nothing can betray

‘Uncertainty’, still plays her part, – (but) with a sense of ‘come-what-may’

Leave the ledge – ride the edge

The colour: – Grey


Birth of fresh beginnings, forged by pressing through

Despite hurts and frustrations, remaining strong and true

Groomed for deeper richness,  [although you never knew]

Cast in ‘Life’s’ own garden, like a tiny seed you grew

To understand perspective – is to gain a clearer view

No need to hide

What’s rich inside

The colour: – Peacock Blue.

(C) Danny Scott

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