Gravel Road (‘just one more cigarette’).


The gravel road rolls on and on, dissolving in the night

The air is cool, with a gentle breeze – the chill begins to bite

The fields are sparse and empty, ‘just the hint of tiny flowers

Sitting on this wall talking, we could just sit here for hours

The midnight air is now quite cold, we have to leave, and yet…

I say “let’s go!”, but you say “No! – ‘just one more cigarette.


The sound of muted voices, in the distance far away-

Excitement and exhaustion blend, at the closing of the day

‘Emotional confusion’ dancing in your brain,

The sun’s been shining all day long, but now it starts to rain

Lost within the moment, you just don’t feel the wet

“Let’s go! – it’s late” but you say “wait! -just one more cigarette.


The voices now are silent, beneath the stars, the moon,

The midnight sky, just can’t deny that ‘day’ is coming soon

The cold has now returned again, there’s nothing, yet, so much-

Stillness, questions, mystery, a thought, a breath, a touch

Now’s the time to draw the line the line, and never to forget,

“C’mon, let’s talk, as we start to walk”,- “Just one more cigarette?”


The gravel road seems longer now, on the journey back

‘Day’ is clearly dawning, and the sky is no longer black,

I’m walking much too fast now, (and) you try to slow me down

(As) I drop the pace,’look at your face, I see you start to frown,

And so my friend, the road must end, without fear, nor regret

I hear you say, as I walk away, – “Just one more cigarette?”

 ‘Just one more cigarette…


(C) Danny Scott

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