Yesterday’s promise is lying today

In pieces, exposed and displayed.

And as you count up the cost of all that you lost,

Was it worth the price that you paid?

Vision’s expensive, it’s ideas that come cheap;

They tell me you reap what you sow

And when you’ve chosen the track of no turning back

You’re left silently wanting to know…

 When you’ve burned all your bridges, where do you go?


And the wise man’s still scoffing, for he has a plan;

“keep a way to get back”, that’s his rule –

Step out and trust, but if you go bust, you’re insured

(Unlike the fool).

But the wise man’s plan has now hit the fan,

The rehabilitation is slow.

The fool’s set apart, still trusting his heart –

Neither has much left to show.

 For when you’ve burned all your bridges, where do you go?


And the dream that you trusted is now wearing thin,

Like the line between falsehood and truth.

You’ve been tried and condemned and that’s simply the end,

They’re just waiting now for some proof.

Integrity weeps as they slander and cheat

And it’s your name that’s tossed to and fro

And the wise man just laughs as the fool quietly asks

“Do we have to let things sink so low?”

 For when you’ve burned all your bridges, where do you go?


Is it foolish to walk on the water, or wise to stay on dry land?

Is it foolish to step out and trust when you know-

You still don’t fully understand?

 Is it foolish believing in wishes..  –  When your back’s up against the wall?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to these questions,

Then consider me such a fool.


Tomorrow’s promise looks unlikely today

And you’re sure that you’ve been here before.

You’ve so much to lose as you dust off your shoes

And prepare to step out once more.

The vision’s still priceless, the fan’s spinning fast

While the dream limps on faint and slow,

And with calm in his eyes the fool says to the wise;

‘We all need a little heartache to grow’.

When you’ve burned all your bridges, where do you go?


© Danny Scott

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