Borrowed Time

Twisted roots that prove the ground

Penetrate without a sound

Sure foundation, forged in earth

Tree prophetic –pending birth


Branches beckon, clothed in leaves

Hide both truth and what deceives

Oak, birch, cedar, twisted vine-

Even they live borrowed time


Disease and tumour plot their way

Dismantling life, through dark decay

Old in season, young in prime

Both holding out on borrowed time


 Summer comes to such a thrill

Leaves, rich green in chlorophyll

Masked in traditional colour green-

The leaves’ real colour remains unseen

Those ‘true’ colours –brown, gold and red

Are only seen, when the leaf is dead;

Then all too late we see the crime

And the clock still ‘ticks’ – on borrowed time


‘Welcome shade from the burning sun

A place to rest when the day is done

A space where hope and fear entwine

Gently poised on borrowed time


And so our progress, fast or slow-

Means nothing if we too don’t grow!

However high we choose to climb

We’re all still living – borrowed time.


Yesterday, is gone and past

It offered much –that didn’t last

But that is not a tragedy-

It’s simply how it’s meant to be

Today’s new mountain-

(Is) there to climb

“Cape Diem” – Borrowed Time!


                                                                   (C) Danny Scott                  

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