…Fly like an Eagle!

slomo-baldeagle-111212-20 (2)


–  ‘I want to fly like an Eagle’.

For a number of years I have been performing ‘poem improvisations’; by that I mean composing a totally improvised performance-poem, created ‘live’ on-the-spot based exclusively on a couple of random, spontaneous word-sentences thrown out to me from by individual members of a ‘live’ audience.

The poem improv also quite often includes invited musicians, singers and/or performers who happen to be playing at, or sharing the same gig or event with me at the time.

Usually, I rock up and ask (one of) them – “Hey, d’you wanna improvise some stuff on stage tonight?” (or sometimes it’s more like: “Hey, d’you wanna improvise some stuff on stage in 2-3 minutes time!) and these precious, highly skilled musicians & artists are brave, humble, skilled and inspired enough to agree to join me, and so they too also totally improvise and create the musical performance-poetry ‘piece’ with me. (& it’s such an honour to work with these guys!).

– As I mentioned, it all starts with me inviting ideas and a sentence from the audience and it kicks on from there.


Oh, yeah one more thing…   Once it takes off it can really go anywhere!  (I can even forget what the audience word-sentences are/were – hence the piece of paper in the video!) It’s not really about focusing or thinking, actually it’s the complete opposite really, it’s about not thinking, it’s about sensing, feeling and experiencing.

Most of all… It’s about ‘letting go!’ –  Relinquishing control; Abandoning the need to make something happen! – Letting go, experiencing the vibe of that unique moment, trusting it completely and then riding that vibe!   You need a clear, open mind and even clearer, open heart!

Also, because it’s totally improvised there is no set ending;  So, on this ‘Fly like an Eagle’ poem improv here, there is a clear moment when I plan to wrap up the poem  – BUT… it is clear from the musicians and the house (audience) that ‘we ain’t done yet!‘ so I/we just continue.  It is a humbling privilege and honour to do this.  (And always one heck of a ride!!!).


The World-class musicians joining me on this peom improv “Fly Like an Eagle” are:  Carola Caye,(backing vocals & soundscaping). Martin Moro, (flutes/whistles). Johannes Diem, (keyboard) & Willi Platzer (percussion).

It was filmed by Sieglinde (Siegi) Dethune on her new ‘mini-pocket-camera’ that she was still figuring out how to use!   As the Poem Improv began, Siegi was suddenly inspired and prompted to start filming it – this is the result!   It makes for a bit of a shaky experience, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, – raw and real.  (and the only way to be – ‘Come On!)

– I hope you are inspired & enjoy it.      (Please click HERE for poem audio/film footage).



90009-14-1.png  - (slow mo water pour - Throughlines & Theames#4).







The silence is shaped like a scalpel – its incision, precise and deep
Silence of brutal exposure, differs – from the silence of (calm), peaceful sleep
There’s the silence of quiet indignation; the silence of mocking and jeers
The silence of doubt and unbelieving, meandering back through the years
The silence of strong-gentle comfort, lingering late in the air-
‘Lost for a moment in the thunder – then reappearing for others to share

The silence of poisoned indifference, the silence of want and neglect
The silence of raw numbing grieving, when a dream or a life has been wrecked
Silence that burns with a questioning, a silence that answers that burn
A silence that gently encourages, whispering –“Now is your turn”

A silence of arrogant judgement, of manipulation, delusion – control,
– Whispering cliques in the silence, buying heavily -whilst selling their soul;
The silence of nervous excitement – (of) twinkling, dancing eyes
Silence of prophetic confidence, so often displayed by the wise

A silence of reverence and wonder that shapes how we feel and behave
A silence in the last final hours, before ‘rest’ is found in the grave

The silence of deep disappointment, when what’s gone – is not coming back
The silence of stars and galaxies, as “It is finished” and the sky turns black
‘Silence of the early morning, and the start of a Brand New Day
– As silence rolls down the cheek – and rolls the stone away

… There’s silence…




“Silence” [vocal/audio mix].

© Danny Scott.

I Need Not…

9118-10The dust of the ‘Summer Season’ is imminently about to be swept up and consigned to the ‘past’ as the curtain falls on our official understanding of the Summer period.
This new season birthed out of Autumn (or ‘Fall’ for our American friends) always seems particularly poignant to me.

I absolutely love the ‘Brand New’ – a brand new day, a brand new week, month, year… I love ‘new beginnings’, opportunities, possibilities, virgin-snow, the early dawn, the unknown… So of course I particularly enjoy the New Year season (or more accurately the very beginning of a New Year) because it is so clearly rumbling, bubbling and bursting with POTENTIAL which is my personal passion, drive and life-blood.

However… As much as I love this ‘New Year season’; there is something uniquely profound and poignant about the ‘Autumn Season’ that seems to reverberate throughout our western World.

This is (traditionally) the season of new school classes, new schools, college, university…
Of course it could be argued that this is all simply a result of the fact that our western world is so obsessed with academia and it’s regimental, strictly controlled scheduling, that we must all bow to the academic calendar that it dictates which, in turn, by definition creates this New Season.
– But I think there is perhaps a little bit more to it than that.

In the animal World, it is often a season of gathering, gleaning, building, burying and storing, in preparation for the pending winter season ahead. In Kingdom terms, perhaps it’s the obvious time and season in which to build our own personal citadels? (Although those teaching within full-time education would certainly have valid grounds to question the timing of this citadel-building!). However, there is definitely a subtle sense of gestation within this season.


Yes, perhaps there is a false sense of expectation, engendered by the social conditioning brought on as a direct result of the academic calendar’s dictate. [particularly if exam results didn’t go as well as was hoped or required, or in the aftermath of relationship break-up, tragedy, bereavement and/or other deeply impacting personal upsets and discouragements that are so often part-and-parcel of the previous (Summer) season]. – Never-the-less; this brand new season continues to rumble on (i.e. the ‘small volcano’ I mentioned earlier in this blog) and the rumbling is packed with defiant hope and explosive potential – it just needs a spark, a paradigm-shift, simple permission or a personal invitation (which I humbly offer you here and now as you read this blog) for it to be released and realised.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? –(Isaiah 43: 18 &19).

– For many of us, if we’re honest, the answer to this question is “No – I don’t perceive it!”
and this is often because we have lost sight and sense of who we really are! We have listened to and allowed others to shape us into an image that is what they want us to be, we have surrendered our true Papa-God given identity and allowed others in authority and/or pseudo-authority around us to suggest and determine who we are or who we should be – this my friends is slavery. – The 18th October is Anti-Slavery Day, but we don’t need to wait ‘till then to break these chains. (Galatians 5: 1).


Henri Nouwen wrote: “Let me have the courage to live fully even when it’s risky, vibrantly even when it leads to pain, And spontaneously even when it leads to mistakes”.

I would humbly summarise:
Let me be who and what I am fully called to be. – I choose and determine to be who and what I am fully called to be and nothing less. To be who I really am! –I need not hide from this!


I wrote this poem for a very precious friend; I hope that it also encourages and inspires you too.

Metal texture


I need not take small steps – around the edge of a Life calling my name,

I need not be governed on how I should live – by the rules of another’s game,

I need not despise the season (that) I am in, nor the challenge & ache that it brings,

I need not accept that I only have feet and ignore that I also have wings

I need not agree that it’s time to slow down, – that the best is now past and is gone!

-That I’ve missed my chance to sing and dance; – Don’t believe it, – it’s a lie – and it’s wrong!

I need not escape – to another land, in a quest to ‘live out Papa’s plan’,

I choose not to run, but stand-in my own Sun, – with no apology for all that I am!

I need not be fearful of my ‘blown-open-heart’, (and) the depth of the riches inside,

I need not conclude (that) what I think, what I feel – are possessions to carefully hide,

I need not allow my life to be less –than the fullness of what it should be-

To be shaped by THE Lover(and that means ‘no’ other);HE who searches and knows the real ME!


©Danny Scott.

Moving on!

88888-110-Abs-J-Five copy (2)




Some time back, I invited a few very special friends and highly accomplished World-class musicians into our apartment in Vienna where I was living at the time; I also invited a small groups of friends as ‘audience’ and we improvised an evening of poetry & music and recorded it “live” for the occasion and for CD.

“Moving On!” is one of the ‘live’ & improvised performance pieces from that evening.


The absolutely amazingly talented, fun and extremely proficient – Jozef Lupták (cello/human beatbox, vocal sound…)

The passionately-explosive, yet oh-so-tender and totally brilliant – Willi Platzer (percussion, bells…)

And, – The ‘outrageously-skilled, expert-musician & artist extraordinaire – Martin Moro (Guitars, flutes, whistles & production).

The ‘band of brothers’ is completed by myself – Danny Scott (poetry, lead vocal narrative, vocal soundscaping).

As with all the tracks on the “Only When It’s Time” album, ‘Moving On’ is improvised; we had no idea what we were going to do with this particular text that I had written.  – We really had a lot of fun with this particular one and I just wanted to really acknowledge and honour these dear, precious people and highly skilled musician-artists and friends.   I hope you enjoy!   / Danny.

“Moving On?”

“Go” –  leave, somewhere else,

Destination: ‘New’ –

Journey, travel, follow a path,

A final pushing through;

  Walking away, walking toward-

  Crossing the line, burying the sword’

  Moving on- tears and singing,

  Wings to fly- new beginning(s);

Definite decision?

Result of circumstance?

Changing of direction?

A sense (of…)

                 Random chance?

Simply say, if you want me to stay-

Whisper, shout or scream,

Standing tall-

Obeying the call

                                                                                                                                                      Believing and trusting the dream;

“Go”– leave, follow the heart

Destination: ‘New’-

Journey, travel, uproot, depart,-

Somewhere without you… ?

I’m moving on…


© Danny Scott

‘Moving On’ audio narrative -(click here!)

Not a Word

cigarette smoke (light) - A033_C032_0701EK_2K21 (2)

Silence can be a good thing, it can be a very good thing; however, it can also be acuetly misplaced and deeply wounding too.

Words of course are quite often ‘over-used’ and can most definitely clearly cause very real wounding of their own such is the Life-paradox and necessary Life-tension between silence and the spoken word.

Words are verbal action, that should encourage, rebuke, inspire, challenge and enrich the mind and heart; not ‘just’ be relegated to the myopic mind-set of being exclusively aural, pleasant on the ear, or some kind of cognitive badge-of-intellectual cleverness worn as some kind of misguided sense of superiority &/or status.

Words are not necessarily always required to be safe, easy to digest – THE Word became flesh and in so doing also became tactile, cathartic, empathetic, healing, encouraging, provocative, humble, enriching and empowering of others.

But they can only be these attributes if the words are actually released, – spoken out!

And yet, so often they’re not.  So often amid times of deep tenderness, aching and turmoil, even as we stand alongside those whom we believe know us, profess to be our friends, our companions; Sometimes even amongst friends & family we wait in desperate need for some simple words of encouragement, confirmation, insight, understanding, remembrance, hope, love…  Not a Word.

Sometimes even those closest to us seem totally ‘lost for words’ and sometimes that’s where the silence is best and indeed exactly, and all that is needed – no words.  (I will inevitably offer something in passionate defense and celebration of ‘silence’ within this blog too!) there is indeed a desperate need for silence... However; other times (so many other times) we just want and need a few simple words.

Why does this seem to be so difficult?  Particularly for the British and Northern Europeans? and especially men?

I don’t profess to be an authority on this at all however, from my relatively extensive travels, hands-on involvement within extremely diverse demographics, training and life experience, I humbly offer that spoken words generally mean engagement, at least an element of relationship, (however temporary or fleeting), they are also potentially quite revealing, exposing, – We open our mouth and if we’re not careful, not controlled (or simply politically/corporately trained); What we really feel & believe can suddenly come tumbling out whether we intended it to or not, revealing who we are and what we think.

This is extremely frightening for a lot of people who spend so much time and energy carefully manicuring an image of ‘designer-grunge indifference’, politically correct appropriateness, meticulously rehearsed “I’m cool & normal”, or simple self-protection.

And yet, if we could just extract our head from our own… er… navel! – then we would perhaps more fully realise that others around us would hugely benefit from, be encouraged, even have their lives saved just by us being brave vulnerable and willing enough to, in the right way at the right time, say a few simple words.  – It’s the released and expressed ‘vocal-embodiment’ of the Divine/human heart…  That’s why the Word became flesh!

And yet, still many are waiting, wanting, needing a simple comment, but – Not a Word…

~Coffee & Cup  - 100212-Coffeecreamandsugar (2)

“Not a Word”


When the coffee has gone cold and the splashes from the spill lingers –

Staining the saucer that distinctive shade of sepia brown; –

And the moment plays out its familiar routine, only this time as a ‘swan song’

When the aching in muscle and limb that comes with the territory of up-rooting-

–  And disposing of personal possessions is the same aching in heart and soul;

When the ‘forwarding address’ and ‘return to sender’ notification are poised for their cue,-

The rehearsal is over and opening and closing night are one and the same…Not a word

When the waterfall of platitudes and tributes has ceased,-

And the carcasses of ‘good intentions’ are buried by the flood, in the silt of their origin;

When the ‘morning after’ offers a scene of half-empty wine glasses and party-poppers,

Dribbled over “Bon Voyage” cards that litter the otherwise empty mantle piece,-

In an otherwise empty house…Not a word

When the solitude is tinged with a very definite shade of loneliness,

Provoking the gradual awareness that what is unfinished now, will probably remain so-

For some time… if not forever;

When the notes and casual comments from an earlier and very different time,

Take on a weight and significance beyond their original birth,-

And quite possibly beyond what was initially intended.

When the discovery that what little time was left to compose oneself,

And prepare for the inevitable wrench to come,-

Has been stolen somewhere between anxiety and exhilaration-

Leaving in its place, a mild, yet tangible fear – of permanent loss;

When all the loose-ends that have been flapping as aimless reminders, have all been tied,

And ‘Life’ has been packed into cases – loaded ready to be transported deep into the unknown

Not a word…

When the hustle and bustle of others around you has dissipated and what you believed-

To be precious and mutual has hemorrhaged on the operating table of cold reality –

And the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ are extremes beyond any scale…Not a word.

When you yearn only to receive, but are offered only withdrawal from others-

Others trying fervently to protect and acclimatise their heart to the pending winter of absence-

And you desperately need only to laugh, to smile, to cry, to listen, to hear… Not a word.


When minutes, months and moments have passed-

And the very core of your being is a kaleidoscope of churning emotion-

Standing alone, weeping, crying, screaming- for a voice, a comment, a call,-

Something, anything… Not a word.


© Danny Scott

Audio/Film clip: ‘Live poetry performance: “Not a Word”

Audio/Film clip ‘Live’ solo physical-theatre performance: “Not a Word/Blue Valentine’s”

© Danny Scott

Through-lines & Themes

A little while back , I willingly and eagerly participated as a recipient within a vocational coaching pedagogic enterprise called S.I.M.A (System for Identifying Motivational Abilities) a potentially life-changing vocational course/experience.

There are of course a lot of various ‘Learn-who-you-are’, ‘get a better life’ programmes out there and I mean no disrespect but SIMA is not just another one of the ‘usual suspects’, Enneagram, Life-training, Nlp…  – ‘SIMA’ is something quite different and quite special and an absolutely fantastic practical revelation!

However,  I’m not wanting to post an add for sima here, I mention it as means of context for the this particular blog entry: “Through-lines & Themes”

When I ‘did’ sima it was not because I wanted to find or be assured of my vocation, my ‘calling’ in life, I was and still am fiercely confident and clear as to precisely what that is! – however I was curious and extremely excited to explore greater depth and potential insight within this Calling & Life-Path and in so doing perhaps glean and gain greater understanding and pragmatic application as to how and why I perhaps operate as I do and therefore, potentially, how to enrich, develop and release my own modus operandi in a way most dynamically beneficial to both others and myself. – (Yeaah!).

I was privilidged to have the UK ‘sima’ c.e.o. Nick, as my personal coach for this –  fast-forwarding >>> at the end of the coaching Nick gave me a summary of my proposed ‘profile’ based on the extensive insights arising out of the coaching experience, and asked me my thoughts and opinion on it.  I considered his summary to be absolutely ‘smack-bang-on’ – it was amazing to see all these solid and definite through-lines & themes outlining my core motivations values and m.o; and it was also very exciting, very affirming, very inspiring.

He then asked me to prepare my own final summary of thoughts and insights on my ‘sima’.  Most people do this by writing a couple of pages of A4 or shared notation from a final summary conversation;  However, me being me…  I wrote a (summary) poem!  Here it is – I hope you enjoy!

“Through-lines & Themes”


Through-lines and themes, mystery and dreams-

Claiming life back from the thief

Skill to survive – ‘the dream still alive

A fierce and unyielding belief

Creating from ‘scratch’ – pull back the ‘latch’

Allowing ‘vision’ to fly

A deep inner peace, yet a passionate release

As potential lights up the sky


I wrestle and yearn, in a hunger to learn

To inspire,-  to revive what was killed

Not as some idle test, but to furnish the ‘best’

‘To encourage a life that’s fulfilled

Performance, the arts, – the sum of its parts

Fusion and challenge and more…

Honest and real, in all that I feel

Touching hearts deep to the core


The thrill and desire to go through the fire

To strategize, plan and perform

‘When I make a mistake – refusing to break-

From the ‘calling’ to which I was born


Defiant and strong, knowing where I belong

And the cost of the journey to ‘here’

Growth ‘beyond ME’- is the reallegacy’

And the fruit of the true pioneer.


                                                                                               © Danny Scott


If you are interested in finding out more about ‘s.i.m.a’ for yourself – Check it out Here:

Our dreams are not only for ourselves – (Part 2).

The dream/s we have can burn and rumble deep down in the core of our being, sometimes so deep down and so overwhelmingly precious that we don’t really know what to do with it/them, so, often, many people do nothing at all, but the dream still rumbles.

 The dream (vision) needs to be acknowledged, trusted and released, not just for the individual him/herself (the ‘dreamer’), but also for others – in fact… that’s the reason for the God-given dream in the first place! Some consider it arrogant to accept and act upon such dreams; however, in fact it is more arrogant not to do so.


Many of us are ‘here’ only because of the dreams of others.  Others who were inspired, willing and brave enough to passionately embrace, trust and release the dream!

BECAUSEOur dreams are not just for ourselves, but for others, too.


In Memphis, Tennessee, there is a memorial plaque to Martin Luther King and inscribed on it are the words: “Here comes that dreamer, let’s kill him – then see what becomes of his dream”.  It is, of course, a quote from Genesis 37, initially referring to Joseph. ‘They’ did indeed kill Martin Luther King and yes, we can see what became of his dream (and in some ways is still becoming!) Many of us would not enjoy the freedom we do today were it not for his dream.

But the waiting and the doubt and the bruising discouragement hurts, really hurts! We can quickly find ourselves amongst people politely smiling and nodding at our dreams, looking through patronising eyes of pitiful sympathy. Or others, not prepared to fully identify with you or your dream, but quietly poised, ready to take advantage (having “always been there for you”) should it actually develop favourably;  A kind of emotional, spiritual or visionary rape.


It can be an isolated and very lonely place to be. The comfort and encouragement we need will not so much come from the dream or vision itself (and certainly not from many of those around us) but from being squarely rooted in our own calling (the prophetic vision – our dream) from Papa-God Himself.


Not so long ago, I found myself in the unenviable process of losing my home, packing to leave the UK in obedience to God for ‘somewhere in Europe’ for an ‘unidentifiable period of time’. Events of the past handful of years had not unfolded as I had envisaged;   some dreams had not yet been fulfilled, some potential not fully realised.  It had not been comfortable and I didn’t fully understand it.

But, it’s not about being comfortable or understanding, nor is it about people understanding or agreeing with us or our dream. It’s about believing and actively waiting. “Write the revelation (vision) down on a tablet … though it may linger, waiting for it…” (Hab 2:3).

No, it isn’t always (if ever) fully clear. That’s because it’s a dream – a vision. And no, those around you often (usually) don’t ‘get it’ – that’s because it’s yours, not theirs!


We can never realise our full potential, shape our own world and the world and culture around us if we continually dampen, dilute or simply refuse to live our lives in the light of our God-given dreams. Being a dreamer does not mean being some pathetic ‘Pierrot’ – out of touch with reality.  It is front-line stuff – stuff that can change a life, a culture, a world.  Stuff you can get killed for!


“Here comes that dreamer….”

British author and playwright George Bernard Shaw once said: “You see things and you ask ‘Why?’ I dream things and I ask ‘Why not?”

Many of us are simply afraid to dream. Perhaps we once had a dream, something we trusted and believed in and then it was shattered;  this hurt – really hurt! so, as a result some people say “I will never dream again…”, the theory being that if we don’t dream, we don’t get hurt. The problem with that is that Papa-God wants to give us ‘beyond our wildest dreams’! – And, our dreams are not only for ourselves!

This poem I wrote many years ago for a friend and has become a bit of a poem-anthem for many others too, in the ensuing years that have followed.  It is dedicated to those of us, any and all of us who in any way at all are afraid to dream.  – Perhaps it’s for all of us?


Afraid to Dream

I’ve always been afraid to dream afraid to bare my soul,

‘Afraid to even think about just what my future holds

I want so much to speak my mind, say what I really feel inside,

But when I finally get my chance – I run away and hide.

My head is so full of questions, frustrations and fears;

My heart seems numb and lifeless deep within,

Just when I’ve found the answers I’ve been wanting for so long,

It seems another string of questions just begin.

And in the quietness of my room, I kneel beside my bed,

Advice and accusations spinning, ‘spinning round my head

I’ve tried to live my life for you I’ve tried with all my heart’,

But now it seems that life I was given is now falling apart…

I’ve always been afraid to dream.


© Danny Scott

‘Afraid to Dream’: featured on the “Only when it’s time” Poetry/Music CD by Danny Scott

Our dreams are not only for ourselves – (Part 1).

Dreams and vision are a specific and personal gift from Papa-God.  The dream/s we have can burn and rumble deep down in the core of our being, sometimes so deep down and so overwhelmingly precious that we don’t really know what to do with it/them, so, often, many people do nothing at all, but the dream still rumbles!

The dream (vision) needs to be acknowledged, trusted and released, not just for the individual him/herself (the ‘dreamer’), but also for others – in fact… that’s the reason for the God-given dream in the first place! Some consider it arrogant to accept and act upon such dreams; however, in fact it is more arrogant not to do so.


The dream (vision) needs to be acknowledged, trusted and released, not just for the individual him/herself (the ‘dreamer’), but also for others – in fact… that’s the reason for the God-given dream in the first place! Some consider it arrogant to accept and act upon such dreams; however, in fact it is more arrogant not to do so.


Our dreams are not only for ourselves.

  “…Here comes that dreamer, let’s kill him, then see what becomes of his dream.”

 Some time ago I heard of a medical situation where an individual was described by the doctors as …. “Being in too much pain to breathe…”

It’s a startling image, isn’t it? And not a little baffling.  How can you be in too much anything to not breathe?   Isn’t breathing natural?  Isn’t it automatic?  Yet even I myself, when teaching or directing, have found occasion when my students, actors, company-members or clients are concentrating so hard on an exercise, corporate or theatrical discipline that I have needed to remind them to keep breathing!


David Beckham, with that penalty kick for England against Argentina in the soccer world cup game way back in 2002 had literally millions of eyes as well as the hearts and hope of the nation fixed on him as he stepped up for the penalty kick (which of course he scored!); afterwards, reflecting on the pressure and intensity of the moment, he said that he “nearly stopped breathing…”

Whether it is through extreme nerves, intense concentration or indescribable pain, we can actually forget to breathe and therefore literally put our health and life in danger.

Breath, of course, is a fundamental physical requisite for life – physical, tangible, felt!

Dreams, like breath, are also an integral part of our health and imperative to our quality and fullness of life. Whilst dreams, by definition, imply a less tangible, more metaphysical construct, they are nonetheless absolutely essential, not just to the child’s imagination or the otherwise-impoverished-artist’s-concept, but to and for the very heartbeat of an individual life.

Dreams are the bridge between the impossible and the possible. They provide the passion to trust the promise, the courage to walk out the prophesy and a reason to look forward – to go on!


Dreams: not the simple, random, surreal thoughts and images filling our psyche in an idle moment of daytime limbo, or when our head finally hits the pillow at night after another long day of intellectual gymnastics. But rather the passionate rumbling of vision, drive and purpose, that course through our being making us feel (and literally become) alive! (“Without vision the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18).  – A kind of robotic going-through-the-motions living – life in Monotone…].  A prelude to a breakdown…


‘Prelude to a Breakdown’

 And it’s not a warm, inspiring dream

But more a stale, mundane routine

Dull with a sense of being alone – a radio play in monotone.


And the clichés roll; “be cruel to be kind”,

“One day at a time”, “love is blind”.

Then in the silence, I hear the drone that is my life in monotone.


And in a moment far away

The promise of a brand new day

Appeared to only be ‘on loan’ to the numbing life in monotone.


And so it is with no surprise,

That with pure disillusioned eyes,

The tender heart soon turns to stone, to cope with life in monotone.


And vision, hope and appetite

Evaporated through the night

Trust and confidence have flown, deserting the life in monotone.


And all the loved ones cry out loud

And reminisce – “you made us proud,-

Ahh, but if we’d only known you lived your life in monotone”.


And days are hours on a clock

Heart and mind both under lock

And the seeds of despair are fully grown, in the field of life in monotone.


[Taken from the Poetry  & Music CD: “Only when it’s time”  & featured in the solo physical-theatre piece “Numb” by Danny Scott].

© Danny Scott

No Compromise

                                                                                                                “No Compromise”

Well, it’s been an absolutely crazzzzy few months with numerous workshops, lectures & performances around Europe.  It’s also been extremely pressured and ‘not at all easy’ at times too, to be honest, – so I managed to carve  out some space and sanity for myself through rich creativity in the form of this poetry fusion project.  – ‘Gently and compassionately defiant‘ are a few words I think I might use to describe it.

– I hope you like it and that it inspires you! – Enjoy! Continue reading

Powder on the Wind


It never ceases to amaze me as to just how fickle and self-serving we as human beings can…be!

Life for most of us (sadly not for all) is a ‘long-haul’ journey with many twists and turns ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ along the way of course;  and during this journey we soon come to realise that we are not indispensable, that we won’t live for ever and that we need others.

It is not uncommon for someone who has been battered by the circumstances of life to arrive disillusioned, lacking self-belief, small and broken; the defeatism and low self-esteem commanding a strangle-hold on development, growth and potential.

Such individuals arrive barely able to breathe, barely able to hope.


But it is a truly beautiful and remarkable thing to see, experience and be a part of that same supressed and wounded individual finding, hope belief, training, skill and vision, to see and experience him/her a few seasons later a totally different person – the real person that s/he was and is called to be. – wow! Continue reading