‘Behind the Curtains’

[Poem/Audio mix: >>> HERE]

This is an obvious ‘nod’ toward life, circumstances and emotional well-being during this protracted ‘lock-down’ season.  These are real-life, real-time observations, experiences and discussions that I have had with neighbours, family, friends, as well as random strangers…

I recently moved home; – at the place where I had previously lived, at least one of my neighbours permanently had his curtains tightly drawn shut; hidden away from the World; every minute of every day! – When I arrived at my wonderful new home; I soon noticed that one of my ‘new neighbours’ (currently) lives in exactly the same way – behind the curtains!

We live, or ‘exist’ within our various so-called “bubbles” and, of course, we’re not just physically isolated, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually isolated too.  And when does that ‘isolation’ become an ‘insulation’ apparently protecting us from danger…the virus, and its potential ramifications?

Isolating and insulating ourselves so thoroughly within our own little ‘bubbles’ that we can’t hear, see, or even be aware of, the desperate disintegration of lives happening all around us… In our towns and cities, in our streets, our neighbour’s houses – even, perhaps within our own homes!

However; we can still ‘connect’; even if it is currently only ‘virtual’ and perhaps heavily contrived; – we can still check on each other, ‘make sure that family, friends, neighbours and strangers are genuinely ok…behind the curtains!

I am certainly not advocating prying, voyeurism or interference – we need to be sensitive to the valid fact that we all need our privacy, space and ‘me-time’ but we equally need to be aware of alienating ourselves and others, – (with potentially devastating consequences) as we ourselves, remain “bubbled!”  

‘Love’ is not ‘locked-down’ – We can still care, ‘still hope, ‘still pray; – We can still love.  

“…And then, these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love; and the greatest of these is Love!”.  – [1 Corinthians 13:13].

‘Love’ calls us, sometimes, particularly in desperate and difficult times, to metaphorically, virtually and (hopefully soon, – physically), to be willing, to actively, choose to lovingly, respectfully, yet boldly, look… ‘Behind the Curtains’…


Behind the Curtains [Poem/Audio Mix >> Here]

Behind the curtains; behind closed doors,

There’s an aching and a breaking, – but what is the cause?

For some, it’s too much time – to consider – to think…

Others just swallow their sorrow…in drink


Behind the curtains – hidden away

‘Life’ has become a ‘circus’ – an ‘unscripted play’

There’s the clown with his slapstick, – false laughter and jeers

There’s the rich tragi-beauty – invariably ending in tears

There’s improvisation – when something’s gone wrong

But it’s tedious and tiresome – when it goes on too long


Behind the curtain – beyond prying eyes

Lies a whole different world – in pretence and disguise

Guilt and addiction – a newly-born guile

Fear-fuelled insomnia – a relentless denial

An enforced exile – both (an) enemy and friend

Solitude and loneliness – when will it end?


Behind the curtains – inside, looking out

Trying to grasp, – what this ‘life’ is all about

Profound hopes and dreams – barely breathing… or dead!

No escape from the voices – and screams inside your head

In-front-of the curtains – there’s little to show

Little that obvious; – but so much to know…

Behind the curtains…  


[Spoken Poetry/Audio Mix –> Here]

© Danny Scott: January/February 2021

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