“Yeah And?…”

“Yeah And?…” Multi-media link -> Click HERE

I’m writing this blog entry at a time when the UK is in the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic; So, as I write this, I, like most of us am in ‘Isolation’.   It’s interesting just what the word “isolation” means or implies at a time such as this?   Dictionary definition/s for the word ‘Isolation’ read: “…the complete separation from others of a person suffering from infectious disease; – quarantine”, or “…a person, thing, or group that is set apart or isolated, as for purposes or “…the state of being alone or away from others”.

‘Self-Isolation’ perhaps, has a slightly different edge to it, however, the main aspects and definitions remain pretty-much the same.

The world seems to have suddenly been turned completely upside-down and shaken to its very core!  It’s interesting to see and experience what comes out from such a ‘shaking’ as this’ – Where our securities really lie? – how confident we really are? –  how strong our faith really is? – how giving or selfish we really are?… how much love and hope we really possess?…

This blog entry is not about COVID-19 and it’s not just another rant or jokey column about coronavirus which is far from a joke and has already resulted in so much loss and grief; No –  However; I am interested in experiencing the paradoxical use of the word – “isolation”.

So, effectively, we can’t meet up, hang-out together, get up-close-and-personal, due to the implemented ‘social-distancing’ (I’ll maybe say a little about that particular terminology, definition and interpretation in my next / or another blog!).

We’re isolated… some of us from our neighbours, some from colleagues, some from friends…families…some from all of these(!) – As a nation (or world) we’re in ‘isolation’ – and yet… In many ways, we’re more connected with each other now, amid this time of adversity, than we perhaps have been for quite some time! – ironic; – huh?!

Things don’t always go as planned (I think most of us know this only too well by now!). 

So, what do we do when the privileges, opportunities, provisions, comforts, disappear?… When there’s all that extra time to think…and remember?…  What do we do when it all goes wrong?… When we’re left all alone?…  

Right now, to be ‘isolated’ is deemed the safest place for us to be – ‘more irony perhaps?

I wrote this piece several years ago, at a time when I was kind of in my own exile.  ‘Exile’ or (self)- ‘isolation’ provides us with such rich creative opportunities! – Can we see these precious opportunities?… or are we too overwhelmed with inward-looking negativity and frustration?

– ‘Stuff’ happens…”Yeah And?…”


Yeah And?…

So, he said he’d call; and after all-

If you juggle for so long, you’re gonna drop the ball

And you’ve wasted all your time

Just waiting for that phone to ring

So, the sun don’t shine; and the day’s full of rain

The car won’t start – and the fridge is broke again

You’ve lost your keys – (And) got no credit for your mobile phone

So, you’ve been let down; you had a meeting in town

You waited for three-hours, but no-one came around

You’ve overdosed on caffeine

And you’ve just missed the last bus home

So, the email wasn’t sent; and you can’t pay the rent

And the window won’t shut – coz the frame is bent

You’ve got a blister on your foot – And today just didn’t go as planned

So, you’re angry and confused and don’t know what to do.  – Yeah And?


This is not a game that we wanna play

And in an ideal World it wouldn’t be this way

We search for knowledge, but we still don’t understand

You’re tired and frustrated and can’t hold it all together – Yeah And?… 

So, you’ve passed your test, and they said you were the best

But you just found out – you’re no better than the rest

You studied for so long-

But you still can’t find a job

Your friends are moving on, – (and) you don’t feel that you belong

It started off so well, you don’t know how it all went wrong

 The security you knew – Just slips through your fingers like sand

So, you’ve gotta-let-it-go-and-start-all-over-again – Yeah And?…


So, you’ve had few breaks: and your body aches

(and) you’re still living with the consequence of past mistakes

And people all around you fell apart-

When they said they’d stand

So, you’re left all alone, just-you-and-God – Yeah?…

Multi-media (audio/film) link

(c) Danny Scott:

http://www.core-arts.uk / http://www.patrust.uk / http://www.pointzerophysicaltheatre.co.uk


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