‘Sovereign Hope’


It’s been quite a while since I last ‘officially’ wrote in this blog (over three years to be a little more precise);  However; – that certainly doesn’t mean that I’ve not been writing…far from it! (but I’ll come back to that later!) …

As artistic director of my professional performing-arts company/ensemble ‘PointZero Physical Theatre’, I am very familiar with the 3-year cycle and its profound significance (even if, perhaps, a little unintended on this occasion, re my ‘blog’).


The name “Point-Zero” is based on an oriental business philosophy-concept; whereby, every three years the successful ‘company’ hold a highly specialist. top-level meeting to actively review the status, philosophy, health, and vision of the company.  – This begins with a disciplined and conscious decision to metaphorically imagine (‘pretend’) that there are NO current company strategies, policies, revenue, partners, reputation, USP’s, structure, etc. – there is only the ‘original’ company “vision” to work with! – EVERYTHING else is taken away – and metaphorically…disappears! 

Everything is boiled down to a brand-new start, a brand-new beginning, a brand-new departure point. > “Point-Zero!”   In one way it’s quite scary, in another way it’s very exciting! – either way; it’s often extremely important if any of us are to genuinely move forward as opposed to (consciously or unconsciously) just stagnate in our own little pond of ‘perceived’-development and ‘safe-familiarity’.

Continuing with the oriental ‘business philosophy-concept’ metaphor… Moving forward, into a new season… the particular company, or organisation’s own related ‘movers-and-shakers’ (board-of-directors, CEO’s, governors, trustees, senior management, etc…), are ‘not allowed’ to simply revert back, or even refer, to, already established systems and protocols/strategies; – ALL strategies, structures, content, and approaches, etc. must be strictly based on, and inspired (only) by the original company, vision, philosophy…heartbeat! – The ‘PointZero’ experience duration can be days, weeks, months even years; rediscovering and confirming the company/collective (or ‘individual’s) ‘identity’ if you will.


A lot has happened for all of us, I’m sure, over these past 3 years or so (don’t worry, I won’t torture you with an extremely detailed account – that really would make for an encyclopedic blog!) What I will say is that my ‘writing’ has certainly continued and flourished, if in unexpected expression in some cases! – For example, … In addition to my ‘usual’ poetry/prose/biography writing, I also accepted a part-time job opportunity to become ‘Lecturer in Performing-arts’ & module Performing-arts ‘Course Leader’ at a college just outside London back in 2016/17; which resulted (amongst many other things) in me being commissioned, over these subsequent past 3+ years, to write/re-write three different professional performing-arts education curricula ranging from A-level to BA/MA level, as well as writing and delivering an increasing number of ‘lectures’ based on ‘the human condition’, motivation, Life-skills, creative-development, and the Performing-arts. – Oh; and we have also just set up our own Performing-arts School > “CORE Theatre-arts Lab” !


All of this has generally been an inspired challenge! – But, perhaps the biggest challenge has been that during the past three years (and before that); I have suffered a number ‘seizures’ – the nature of the seizures over these past 3 years being particularly impacting, and resulting in me… – fracturing my skull (twice), fracturing my eye-socket (twice), breaking my nose (twice), and re-breaking/fracturing 3 ribs! – this has been frustrating, quite upsetting and hugely inconvenient!    To be honest; the physical pain disappears quite quickly with me – I don’t really have any issue with that; however, the emotional fragility, fatigue, and tenderness that so often accompanies it; can sometimes strongly and negatively impact creative-writing, creativity in any form, and, of course, physical presentation (performances, etc.) – It can also explosively enhance it too!!! – (a lot of this is simply down to perspective and identity – being secure in our vocational ‘calling!). 

So, 3 years on; I, very much continue to remain ‘wired, fired and inspired!’ (perhaps more so than ever!).  I have a number of ‘new’ projects ‘on-the-boil’ (including one I’ve been loosely working on for the past 4 years!); as well as me cultivating ‘open-time’ and spontaneous ‘creative-space’ (as always!).  


The start of ‘2020’ – a brand new season and a season of potential “2020-Vision!”, provides me with the opportunity to reflect a little, not just on ‘2019’, but also these past 3 point-zero’ years too! – I do so with rich thanksgiving, inspiration, confusion, incredulity, and humble ‘awe’ – Wow!  


I write, because ‘the small-volcano’ wells up deep inside of me and compels me to; – I have to write/create in (‘out of’), that moment! – I write based on ‘the human condition’ – whatever touches my heart… I recently ‘randomly’ met a young woman, whilst at a conference in the States; she was pleasant, kind and friendly, but I could also see that she was extremely fragile and broken to her core.  We spoke together, only very briefly yet beyond-the-surface into some aspect of honest depth; the implications of this short encounter gnawed away at my heart for hours and just wouldn’t go away. Later that evening I wrote a poem/prose piece for her entitled ‘Sovereign Hope’… – It’s still only a rough-mix, a ‘work-in-progress’ at this time, but it’s rumbling!…

After this 3+ year ‘hiatus’/’reflective exile’ – I, now, excitedly begin this New Season with… “Sovereign Hope” – Below is the poem and soundscape, the first of the new season; – (Enjoy!).   


‘Sovereign Hope

So, what am I suppose to do now – with all of this?

I’ve thought it through over (and over again) … Is there something that I missed?

My caution and slight defensiveness is not something that I’ve planned-

I’m just feeling a little fragile right now -perhaps you understand(?)

I just want to bask in HIS presence – ‘deeper… Deeper than (ever) before…

I’m holding-it-together; – ‘walking-it-through’ – But inside, I’m pretty raw

I’ve designed my (very) own ‘default state’ – to make sense of where I am

But I didn’t see this (one) coming, – so, I have no ‘back-up’ plan

I share some responsibility-I do! – And I’m trying to forgive…

And although I’ve tried, – I know something’s died – But I still want to ‘live’

The CROSS-road beckons me to ‘come’ – The ‘threshold’ calls my name –

The horizon, so wide and open… ‘restricted by my pain

But I know (that) I can trust in ‘Truth’ himself -And I know that ‘Truth’ knows me! –

I know that I can trust in TRUTH – and that ‘TRUTH’ will set me free!

So, I’m not here to ‘just- survive; (And) -I’m not here just to ‘cope’ –

I’m here for ‘Life-in-Abundance’ –

… To Live in ‘Sovereign Hope!’


Poem Audio: (Vocal/Soundscape)

© Danny Scott: – September 2019 – (Pensacola; Florida).


www.pointzerophysicaltheatre.co.uk   / core-arts.uk

3 thoughts on “‘Sovereign Hope’

  1. Dearest Danny, sounds indeed upsetting but am happy to know you’re rumbling instead of snoring. Thank you for writing…writing(me)…writing(it down)… Here’s to LIFE in Sovereign Hope. Huggers from Daggers


  2. Liebe ‘sneidy’ Familie, Dankesehr für Eure ”season’s greetings’. Habt ein gesegnetes hoffnungsfrohes Jahr 2020. Herzliche Grüße, Dagmar H.


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