“The Card She Never Gave”

stockvault-morning-pier134386So, apparently…“the road to Hell is paved with ‘good intentions…”  The sentiment here is pretty clear and maybe we agree with it, maybe we don’t; or maybe we just don’t care or bother to consider it at all either way.

The term ‘intentions’ or ‘intentional’ certainly is a pretty loaded vocabulary phrase.  – But, surely it’s better to weigh into Life and/or its related chapters and pages, with at least some solid and stated good ‘intention’, even if we apparently ‘fail’ to fully deliver it, or if the reality and manifestation of that intention doesn’t come to bear. – Surely it’s better to at least possess that initial intent in the first place rather than to somewhat meekly start with no deliberate established focal point; Or to saunter along with nothing at all. Isn’t it? – Isn’t it??  Hmm… maybe; maybe not!

“…It’s better to have loved and lost than (to have) never loved at all…”Isn’t it? – Isn’t it?? Hmm…

The start of a New Year is perhaps an excellent (and obvious) time to give a deliberate nod (however large or small!) toward ‘Intent’. Starting a brand new year not so much with ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ (hmm??) but most definitely with New Year’s Intentions!!! Semantics?… yeah, maybe… but I don’t think so.
But anyway, it’s certainly not mere semantics when it comes to being on the other end of ‘failed’ intent – being the recipient of good, but none-the-less, still unfulfilled ‘intentions’. No, that’s an entirely different story!

I remember many, years ago, someone confiding in me that they had personally written me a card and that they wanted to give it to me. The story was that we had been working on a (various) project/s. It had been fantastic, exciting, a lot of fun, humorous, highly professional and vitality, which in turn resulted in extremely high quality work and final presentation; however, as is most usually the case; – it had also, at times, been, challenging, bruising, highly pressured and of course, very intense.

During these darker moments, they had lost almost all confidence, the insecurities were raging and their self-esteem and professional presentation were going through the floor. I was privileged and able to play a part in turning this around for them and for all of us concerned, and involved.  The person concerned didn’t really say much, if anything, at the time; then quite some time later they simply (and very expectantly), said… “I have something fr you – I have a card, I’ve written for you” – the person said they’d give the card to me shortly… they never did…  – > ‘ffwd’ through the years >…

On countless occasions since, I have subsequently heard so many stories about when… (and there are so many reasons why),… a comment is not said, an apology not shared, a phone-call not made, a text not sent, a parcel not delivered or a card not given – ‘not sent…     –  Receiving or giving a card to someone obviously has ramifications of some kind, and sometimes these ramifications can be really quite impacting!  Not receiving or not giving the card can be equally impacting! – Sometimes even more-so!

It’s not necessarily simply about romance, or revenge; about justice or judgement, hurting or healing, ignorance or immaturity, pride or prejudice, teasing or tragedy; clarity or closure, defiance or death.  However…these most certainly do (invariably) play their own part…

This piece is dedicated to those, of either gender, who have (received) the ‘intention’; the hope, the pledge, the (prophetic) affirmation, – the promise of ‘the card’ – And… are still waiting… –  Perhaps walking through the ramifications… the intentions… and still waiting


“The Card She Never Gave”

Perhaps it speaks of gratitude, with words tender and kind
Of jokes and playful memories that somehow all unwind-
And tumble out in written word; with paper, pen and ink
Expressions of your heart displayed; what you feel and what you think

Maybe it talks of happiness, in carefully written line
Of joy and play, day after day, that somehow help define-
Precious moments and lessons learned, and the pathway that they pave
All waiting to be read within the card –she never gave.

It might share admiration, in verse, gushing and bold
Or maybe words more hesitant as if somehow controlled-
By deep reserve, or loss of nerve, for the abandon that we crave
All intimately written down, in the card – She never gave

It could contain a promise kept, a phrase of warmth and care
Of ‘want’ into the future, as if somehow to share-
The history and mystery – her personal tidal wave-
Explode through loving words, within the card – she never gave

It might confess what wasn’t true, in some of what she said
That in a need to protect herself; she chose to lie instead-
Of sharing what she ‘really’ felt; in precious words to save
Honest vulnerability, in the card – she never gave

And so he’s left in limbo as he walks toward his grave
With healing Love unopened; in the card – she never gave.


© Danny Scott 2015 – (Remixed 2018)

4 thoughts on ““The Card She Never Gave”

  1. Beautiful Danny! So poignant and eloquent. I once bought a birthday card for someone I’d recently met but didn’t want to seem ‘forward’ so didn’t give it to them. I later learned that they had felt almost suicidal that day (feeling alone in a strange town). How I wished I’d been more brave!

  2. Hey Danny.
    Thank you for sharing this mind-and heartfull masterpiece. It encourages me to handing out the letter I wrote for my dad before I go on outreach.
    Thanks for all the footprints you left on our hearts and minds last week.

    Big hugs to y’all, Yvonne

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