“Exiled” – (Five Words…)

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you are continually shut-down and pushed away, ignored and cut-off and there’s just nothing more you can do; nothing!  – Except to honour those five words as they are thrown back in your face and accept your new found home in ‘exile’ – perhaps temporarily? perhaps permanently? – Certainly for however long it takes…

Numb Photo (HD - 'Exiled' poem for Blog) Snapshot 1 (07-11-2014 15-22) (2)

“Exiled”- (Five Words…).

The apologies and sincere attempts to resolve – have simply failed –
Instead, Rejection, Blocking, Silence; – ‘Refusing to talk’ has now prevailed
We share the shame ‘I’ take the blame – and so the seed is sown…
Five Words – ‘Cast me to Exile…

…”Please – Just – Leave – Me – Alone!”


(c) Danny Scott 2014.

“Exiled” – Audio/Visual.

One thought on ““Exiled” – (Five Words…)

  1. I`ll take some blame too. Let`s share. And I will not leave you alone. I would love to be closer to you, man! But God leaves us in silence. – Don`t give up my friend…Love you!

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