…Fly like an Eagle!

slomo-baldeagle-111212-20 (2)


–  ‘I want to fly like an Eagle’.

For a number of years I have been performing ‘poem improvisations’; by that I mean composing a totally improvised performance-poem, created ‘live’ on-the-spot based exclusively on a couple of random, spontaneous word-sentences thrown out to me from by individual members of a ‘live’ audience.

The poem improv also quite often includes invited musicians, singers and/or performers who happen to be playing at, or sharing the same gig or event with me at the time.

Usually, I rock up and ask (one of) them – “Hey, d’you wanna improvise some stuff on stage tonight?” (or sometimes it’s more like: “Hey, d’you wanna improvise some stuff on stage in 2-3 minutes time!) and these precious, highly skilled musicians & artists are brave, humble, skilled and inspired enough to agree to join me, and so they too also totally improvise and create the musical performance-poetry ‘piece’ with me. (& it’s such an honour to work with these guys!).

– As I mentioned, it all starts with me inviting ideas and a sentence from the audience and it kicks on from there.


Oh, yeah one more thing…   Once it takes off it can really go anywhere!  (I can even forget what the audience word-sentences are/were – hence the piece of paper in the video!) It’s not really about focusing or thinking, actually it’s the complete opposite really, it’s about not thinking, it’s about sensing, feeling and experiencing.

Most of all… It’s about ‘letting go!’ –  Relinquishing control; Abandoning the need to make something happen! – Letting go, experiencing the vibe of that unique moment, trusting it completely and then riding that vibe!   You need a clear, open mind and even clearer, open heart!

Also, because it’s totally improvised there is no set ending;  So, on this ‘Fly like an Eagle’ poem improv here, there is a clear moment when I plan to wrap up the poem  – BUT… it is clear from the musicians and the house (audience) that ‘we ain’t done yet!‘ so I/we just continue.  It is a humbling privilege and honour to do this.  (And always one heck of a ride!!!).


The World-class musicians joining me on this peom improv “Fly Like an Eagle” are:  Carola Caye,(backing vocals & soundscaping). Martin Moro, (flutes/whistles). Johannes Diem, (keyboard) & Willi Platzer (percussion).

It was filmed by Sieglinde (Siegi) Dethune on her new ‘mini-pocket-camera’ that she was still figuring out how to use!   As the Poem Improv began, Siegi was suddenly inspired and prompted to start filming it – this is the result!   It makes for a bit of a shaky experience, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, – raw and real.  (and the only way to be – ‘Come On!)

– I hope you are inspired & enjoy it.      (Please click HERE for poem audio/film footage).


One thought on “…Fly like an Eagle!

  1. Counting sheep didn’t help to rock me into sleep and I found this little spot as I tried to kill some night time. I am still grateful for witnessing what felt like a moment in time, kissed by eternity. This generous moment in time where all of us were collectively holding our breath and started fly like an eagle… Together.

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