90009-14-1.png  - (slow mo water pour - Throughlines & Theames#4).







The silence is shaped like a scalpel – its incision, precise and deep
Silence of brutal exposure, differs – from the silence of (calm), peaceful sleep
There’s the silence of quiet indignation; the silence of mocking and jeers
The silence of doubt and unbelieving, meandering back through the years
The silence of strong-gentle comfort, lingering late in the air-
‘Lost for a moment in the thunder – then reappearing for others to share

The silence of poisoned indifference, the silence of want and neglect
The silence of raw numbing grieving, when a dream or a life has been wrecked
Silence that burns with a questioning, a silence that answers that burn
A silence that gently encourages, whispering –“Now is your turn”

A silence of arrogant judgement, of manipulation, delusion – control,
– Whispering cliques in the silence, buying heavily -whilst selling their soul;
The silence of nervous excitement – (of) twinkling, dancing eyes
Silence of prophetic confidence, so often displayed by the wise

A silence of reverence and wonder that shapes how we feel and behave
A silence in the last final hours, before ‘rest’ is found in the grave

The silence of deep disappointment, when what’s gone – is not coming back
The silence of stars and galaxies, as “It is finished” and the sky turns black
‘Silence of the early morning, and the start of a Brand New Day
– As silence rolls down the cheek – and rolls the stone away

… There’s silence…




“Silence” [vocal/audio mix].

© Danny Scott.

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