I Need Not…

9118-10The dust of the ‘Summer Season’ is imminently about to be swept up and consigned to the ‘past’ as the curtain falls on our official understanding of the Summer period.
This new season birthed out of Autumn (or ‘Fall’ for our American friends) always seems particularly poignant to me.

I absolutely love the ‘Brand New’ – a brand new day, a brand new week, month, year… I love ‘new beginnings’, opportunities, possibilities, virgin-snow, the early dawn, the unknown… So of course I particularly enjoy the New Year season (or more accurately the very beginning of a New Year) because it is so clearly rumbling, bubbling and bursting with POTENTIAL which is my personal passion, drive and life-blood.

However… As much as I love this ‘New Year season’; there is something uniquely profound and poignant about the ‘Autumn Season’ that seems to reverberate throughout our western World.

This is (traditionally) the season of new school classes, new schools, college, university…
Of course it could be argued that this is all simply a result of the fact that our western world is so obsessed with academia and it’s regimental, strictly controlled scheduling, that we must all bow to the academic calendar that it dictates which, in turn, by definition creates this New Season.
– But I think there is perhaps a little bit more to it than that.

In the animal World, it is often a season of gathering, gleaning, building, burying and storing, in preparation for the pending winter season ahead. In Kingdom terms, perhaps it’s the obvious time and season in which to build our own personal citadels? (Although those teaching within full-time education would certainly have valid grounds to question the timing of this citadel-building!). However, there is definitely a subtle sense of gestation within this season.


Yes, perhaps there is a false sense of expectation, engendered by the social conditioning brought on as a direct result of the academic calendar’s dictate. [particularly if exam results didn’t go as well as was hoped or required, or in the aftermath of relationship break-up, tragedy, bereavement and/or other deeply impacting personal upsets and discouragements that are so often part-and-parcel of the previous (Summer) season]. – Never-the-less; this brand new season continues to rumble on (i.e. the ‘small volcano’ I mentioned earlier in this blog) and the rumbling is packed with defiant hope and explosive potential – it just needs a spark, a paradigm-shift, simple permission or a personal invitation (which I humbly offer you here and now as you read this blog) for it to be released and realised.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? –(Isaiah 43: 18 &19).

– For many of us, if we’re honest, the answer to this question is “No – I don’t perceive it!”
and this is often because we have lost sight and sense of who we really are! We have listened to and allowed others to shape us into an image that is what they want us to be, we have surrendered our true Papa-God given identity and allowed others in authority and/or pseudo-authority around us to suggest and determine who we are or who we should be – this my friends is slavery. – The 18th October is Anti-Slavery Day, but we don’t need to wait ‘till then to break these chains. (Galatians 5: 1).


Henri Nouwen wrote: “Let me have the courage to live fully even when it’s risky, vibrantly even when it leads to pain, And spontaneously even when it leads to mistakes”.

I would humbly summarise:
Let me be who and what I am fully called to be. – I choose and determine to be who and what I am fully called to be and nothing less. To be who I really am! –I need not hide from this!


I wrote this poem for a very precious friend; I hope that it also encourages and inspires you too.

Metal texture


I need not take small steps – around the edge of a Life calling my name,

I need not be governed on how I should live – by the rules of another’s game,

I need not despise the season (that) I am in, nor the challenge & ache that it brings,

I need not accept that I only have feet and ignore that I also have wings

I need not agree that it’s time to slow down, – that the best is now past and is gone!

-That I’ve missed my chance to sing and dance; – Don’t believe it, – it’s a lie – and it’s wrong!

I need not escape – to another land, in a quest to ‘live out Papa’s plan’,

I choose not to run, but stand-in my own Sun, – with no apology for all that I am!

I need not be fearful of my ‘blown-open-heart’, (and) the depth of the riches inside,

I need not conclude (that) what I think, what I feel – are possessions to carefully hide,

I need not allow my life to be less –than the fullness of what it should be-

To be shaped by THE Lover(and that means ‘no’ other);HE who searches and knows the real ME!


©Danny Scott.

2 thoughts on “I Need Not…

  1. I need not but I have to mention how precious these lines of you, Danny, are to me. Thank you!! Love, Daggers

    • Dearest Daggers, thank you for your comment and encouragement; I’m pleased to know that these words resonated with your complex, tender and beautiful heart. Hold your head up high, Daggers – and walk in the full, rich beauty and wonder that is the real you! – Yeaaaaaah!

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