Moving on!

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Some time back, I invited a few very special friends and highly accomplished World-class musicians into our apartment in Vienna where I was living at the time; I also invited a small groups of friends as ‘audience’ and we improvised an evening of poetry & music and recorded it “live” for the occasion and for CD.

“Moving On!” is one of the ‘live’ & improvised performance pieces from that evening.


The absolutely amazingly talented, fun and extremely proficient – Jozef Lupták (cello/human beatbox, vocal sound…)

The passionately-explosive, yet oh-so-tender and totally brilliant – Willi Platzer (percussion, bells…)

And, – The ‘outrageously-skilled, expert-musician & artist extraordinaire – Martin Moro (Guitars, flutes, whistles & production).

The ‘band of brothers’ is completed by myself – Danny Scott (poetry, lead vocal narrative, vocal soundscaping).

As with all the tracks on the “Only When It’s Time” album, ‘Moving On’ is improvised; we had no idea what we were going to do with this particular text that I had written.  – We really had a lot of fun with this particular one and I just wanted to really acknowledge and honour these dear, precious people and highly skilled musician-artists and friends.   I hope you enjoy!   / Danny.

“Moving On?”

“Go” –  leave, somewhere else,

Destination: ‘New’ –

Journey, travel, follow a path,

A final pushing through;

  Walking away, walking toward-

  Crossing the line, burying the sword’

  Moving on- tears and singing,

  Wings to fly- new beginning(s);

Definite decision?

Result of circumstance?

Changing of direction?

A sense (of…)

                 Random chance?

Simply say, if you want me to stay-

Whisper, shout or scream,

Standing tall-

Obeying the call

                                                                                                                                                      Believing and trusting the dream;

“Go”– leave, follow the heart

Destination: ‘New’-

Journey, travel, uproot, depart,-

Somewhere without you… ?

I’m moving on…


© Danny Scott

‘Moving On’ audio narrative -(click here!)

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