Through-lines & Themes

A little while back , I willingly and eagerly participated as a recipient within a vocational coaching pedagogic enterprise called S.I.M.A (System for Identifying Motivational Abilities) a potentially life-changing vocational course/experience.

There are of course a lot of various ‘Learn-who-you-are’, ‘get a better life’ programmes out there and I mean no disrespect but SIMA is not just another one of the ‘usual suspects’, Enneagram, Life-training, Nlp…  – ‘SIMA’ is something quite different and quite special and an absolutely fantastic practical revelation!

However,  I’m not wanting to post an add for sima here, I mention it as means of context for the this particular blog entry: “Through-lines & Themes”

When I ‘did’ sima it was not because I wanted to find or be assured of my vocation, my ‘calling’ in life, I was and still am fiercely confident and clear as to precisely what that is! – however I was curious and extremely excited to explore greater depth and potential insight within this Calling & Life-Path and in so doing perhaps glean and gain greater understanding and pragmatic application as to how and why I perhaps operate as I do and therefore, potentially, how to enrich, develop and release my own modus operandi in a way most dynamically beneficial to both others and myself. – (Yeaah!).

I was privilidged to have the UK ‘sima’ c.e.o. Nick, as my personal coach for this –  fast-forwarding >>> at the end of the coaching Nick gave me a summary of my proposed ‘profile’ based on the extensive insights arising out of the coaching experience, and asked me my thoughts and opinion on it.  I considered his summary to be absolutely ‘smack-bang-on’ – it was amazing to see all these solid and definite through-lines & themes outlining my core motivations values and m.o; and it was also very exciting, very affirming, very inspiring.

He then asked me to prepare my own final summary of thoughts and insights on my ‘sima’.  Most people do this by writing a couple of pages of A4 or shared notation from a final summary conversation;  However, me being me…  I wrote a (summary) poem!  Here it is – I hope you enjoy!

“Through-lines & Themes”


Through-lines and themes, mystery and dreams-

Claiming life back from the thief

Skill to survive – ‘the dream still alive

A fierce and unyielding belief

Creating from ‘scratch’ – pull back the ‘latch’

Allowing ‘vision’ to fly

A deep inner peace, yet a passionate release

As potential lights up the sky


I wrestle and yearn, in a hunger to learn

To inspire,-  to revive what was killed

Not as some idle test, but to furnish the ‘best’

‘To encourage a life that’s fulfilled

Performance, the arts, – the sum of its parts

Fusion and challenge and more…

Honest and real, in all that I feel

Touching hearts deep to the core


The thrill and desire to go through the fire

To strategize, plan and perform

‘When I make a mistake – refusing to break-

From the ‘calling’ to which I was born


Defiant and strong, knowing where I belong

And the cost of the journey to ‘here’

Growth ‘beyond ME’- is the reallegacy’

And the fruit of the true pioneer.


                                                                                               © Danny Scott


If you are interested in finding out more about ‘s.i.m.a’ for yourself – Check it out Here:

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