No Compromise

                                                                                                                “No Compromise”

Well, it’s been an absolutely crazzzzy few months with numerous workshops, lectures & performances around Europe.  It’s also been extremely pressured and ‘not at all easy’ at times too, to be honest, – so I managed to carve  out some space and sanity for myself through rich creativity in the form of this poetry fusion project.  – ‘Gently and compassionately defiant‘ are a few words I think I might use to describe it.

– I hope you like it and that it inspires you! – Enjoy!


 “No Compromise”

Stillness and calm

Rest and peace

Tranquil and soothing – sweet release

‘Sun burning brightly

Pale, crystal skies

Voice of the Father… No Compromise


The roar of the ocean

The cool of the sand

Such beauty created – God’s mighty hand

Lust is Love’s counterfeit

A clever disguise

Voice of the Father…- No Compromise



Cast like a net

Clearly remembering – what you want to forget

An image of righteousness often belies

Voice of the father… No Compromise


The ocean tide retreats once more

Its secrets revealed – displayed on the shore

Repentance, forgiveness-

Frustrations and sighs

Voice of the Father… No Compromise


Desire for perfection

No blemish, no stain

Reality bites! – ‘blinding pain!

Even the best canoeists capsize

Voice of the Father… No Compromise


Stillness and calm

Rest and peace

Tranquil and soothing – ‘sweet release

New day is birthing

Yesterday dies

Voice of the Father… No Compromise



video & audio narrative – here!

 © Danny Scott.

6 thoughts on “No Compromise

  1. What a lovely piece. We’ve had probably the most hectic summer we’ve ever had, trying to be good parents yet manically working to build a workshop/studio space at the back of the house. The feeling of needing peace and rest can be well appreciated. With love Maria

    • Thank you for the encouragement Maria,-
      Yeah it feels like everything’s ‘hitting the proverbial fan’ all around us right now, so I made the decision (a little bit of gentle defiance) to stop and make time for some creative reflection; some ‘stillness & quiet’…, – listening to the voice of the Father. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful… thank you Danny for sharing this!
    and well done for managing to carve some time to stop and listen within this crazy and pressured time!
    love and peace to you. x x x

    • Thank you. Yes, this piece was originally written, and the project most recently devised, both from within the citadel, in the midst of the battle. And even though the piece is currently incomplete; it just seemed ‘right’ and important to share it now. – (Perhaps the ‘piece’ is incomplete, because the ‘peace’ is incomplete?) – “A ‘New Day’ is birthing”…

    • Thank You. Yes, this is another challenging season; but it’s not a time to back off or give up and certainly not a time to ‘roll over & play dead’! – It’s a time of calm confidence and unyielding…No Compromise! (Thank You).

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