Powder on the Wind


It never ceases to amaze me as to just how fickle and self-serving we as human beings can…be!

Life for most of us (sadly not for all) is a ‘long-haul’ journey with many twists and turns ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ along the way of course;  and during this journey we soon come to realise that we are not indispensable, that we won’t live for ever and that we need others.

It is not uncommon for someone who has been battered by the circumstances of life to arrive disillusioned, lacking self-belief, small and broken; the defeatism and low self-esteem commanding a strangle-hold on development, growth and potential.

Such individuals arrive barely able to breathe, barely able to hope.


But it is a truly beautiful and remarkable thing to see, experience and be a part of that same supressed and wounded individual finding, hope belief, training, skill and vision, to see and experience him/her a few seasons later a totally different person – the real person that s/he was and is called to be. – wow!

It doesn’t usually happen overnight (although it could!), it happens through cost, sacrifice, commitment, reliability, trust and… a ‘long-haul’ mentality.


For some of us, our ‘calling’ is to meet these such individuals in their ‘loss’ and fragility, and to offer all that we have, to accompany them along their journey, offering dynamic, and pragmatic encouragement & support; – trusting and believing in their recovery and release.

Many well-meaning words are spoken by these ‘journeymen’ in the interim, as they heal, grow and develop and begin to learn and stand in their own sun; Platitudes, words of commitment and warmth, promises and guarantees… but often, sadly these words a hollow, as the journeyman, has now received what s/he needed, and her own agenda and desires now take president, replacing any previous words or actions of genuine commitment, loyalty or integrity.


I call it the ‘Magpie Syndrome’ whereby the journeyman/woman is content, committed and full of praise until something else more ‘shiny’ (and usually easier and more self-serving )comes along, at this point the journeyman ‘forgets’ all that was and flies off toward a shiny new possibility.


Sadly, this is rarely better and almost always results in significant compromise of the individuals’ realized potential and out-walking of calling/vocation.


Don’t expect to be thanked, don’t expect to be acknowledged, and don’t expect to be understood. – (you might even receive some simmering negative retort coming from their new-found confidence). – They’ve taken what they wanted & needed and have flown – gone onto other ‘shiny things’; often revealing that their solid words of intention, commitment and the like, have turned out to be only idle words, blowing in the wind; – But don’t be alarmed or discouraged, it’s usually more ignorance than cold indifference;  – the trick is to listen, hear and yet not believe a word, whilst not becoming cynical either.

The trick is to hold it all ‘passionately-but-lightly’ (and to continue to believe in, and celebrate ‘your’ own journey!)

.This poem is a lightly uncomfortable retro-serenade to ‘the magpie’ and her ‘powder-words’



 “Powder on the wind”

Don’t tell me things of flattery that make me feel so good

Or tell me I’m secure and strong – (even if you think you should)

Don’t tell me I’m athletic and never seem to tire

Don’t tell me that you like me, – that I’m someone you admire

Don’t tell that you’d miss me if I had to go away

Don’t tell me that you’d think of me every single day

Don’t tell me you believe in me, that I’m someone that you trust

Don’t tell me I inspire you (even if you know it must!)

Don’t tell me you’re committed, (&) that I can trust in you

Don’t tell me I’m dependable, consistent through & through

Don’t tell that I’m honest – vulnerable without disguise

Or tell me that I’m diligent- Don’t tell me that I’m wise

Don’t tell me you can count on me to be the faithful friend

Or tell me that ‘you’re with me until the battles’ end’

Don’t tell me you respect me & my integrity

Don’t tell me that I’m generous & full of dignity

Don’t tell me that you love me – that would be the worst of all

Your tales have brought me oh so far – it’s a long, long way to fall

Don’t tell me, just, don’t tell me, please – any of these things

For if they’re not true, – they are nothing more-

– than powder on the wind.


“Powder on the Wind” – (vocal: Danny Scott/ music: Torsten Harder).

© Danny Scott

2 thoughts on “Powder on the Wind

  1. Pretty hard stuff you are talking about – with deep insights.
    Keep it passionately but lightly, it´s a kind of contradiction in itself.
    To be authentic and to stay in the Truth is necessarily for living my life and becoming the real person I am called to be. Therefore, no “powder words”.

    • Yeah, it certainly is ‘pretty hard stuff’ you’re right. And yeah, deep insights and a LOT of passion. And yes, – it’s definitely a kind of contradiction in terms. There are a lot of superficial ‘powder-words’ out there; – However, we CAN have passion and depth and still ‘hold it lightly’ it’s a skill, it’s tough, but it’s also very do-able, very cool and SO very, very liberating!

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