Lead Me

A number of years back (well… pushing close to a couple of decades actually to be fair!),  I was on-tour in Australia, I was honoured and privileged to find myself in such a beautiful country with such beautiful and precious people, and doing work that I loved and was called to do.

I was taking a couple of days ‘off’ arranged by our tour organizer and dear friend, – a change of scene (and pace) from a crazy schedule, – ‘chilling-out in a small bay area, within the tropical rainforest region just off Brisbane; – a little slice of ‘paradise.

However, I was hurting quite a lot inside and very unsettled at the time.  It was part way through the tour and there were still quite a lot of performances and workshops for me to complete, which was great! – but I knew that there were also a lot of challenges, discomfort and obstacles that lay ahead.


Lying on a near-deserted beach seemed a good place to gain some perspective, – and gain perspective I certainly did!  The challenges and pressures were very real but I was invigorated and prolific in creatively! – Somewhere in the midst of logistics, and the near-surrender to the pandering voices of a ‘conformist-beige mind-set’ of various others, I had subtly began to see these difficulties and ‘irritations’ as ‘problems’ and issues ‘preventing’ me from realizing the full potential of creative release, instead of ‘igniting’ it.

– I was looking at my current circumstances, the whole thing from an entirely wrong prospective! – (duh!).


Irish author and playwright Oscar Wilde is alleged to have said “Life is what happens when you are waiting fro Life to happen…” (later ‘re-worked’ by John Lennon of course as “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”;  – going back to Australia, – the beach, struggles and obstacles… the point is this was creativity, this was integral, and more than just fuel for the journey, this was ‘the journey’!

This revelation and change of perspective blew my mind! – Wow!   So I wrote about it…  a poem entitled “Lead Me”


– A year or so later I met up with another dear friend, a truly beautiful man and highly gifted musician – Torsten Harder, and we created an experimental music & vocal composition for poem. I hope you enjoy and are equally encouraged and inspired!

–  Oh, the audio-narrative might sound a little ‘nineties’ – that’s because it is!   –  Enjoy the ride!


“Lead Me” – vocal & audio narrative

“Lead Me!”

Lead me to the ocean of blatant disregard,

Where the fearless waves of purpose come crashing fast and hard-

Against each and every obstacle that reckons with its’ strength,

And leaves their battered carcass strewn along the whole beach length.


Lead me to the mountaintop of passionate un-restraint-

Where being “oh too comfortable” is the one valid complaint

That echoes through the universe throughout all time and space

Challenging me to rampant risk, instead of ‘playing safe’.


Lead me to the desert of wantonness so wild, –

Where the sheer expanse and blinding heat

Make me cry out like a child,-

Where all rational explanations lie buried in the sand

And when at last uncovered, – I still don’t understand.


Lead me to the volcano of explosive recklessness

Where “good” just isn’t good enough, I simply want the ‘Best’-

Of anything and every thing that could be mine to choose-

If it hurts again, don’t despise the pain-

Because if I do, – I lose.


Lead me to the graveside of ultimate surrender-

Where words are never adequate, however warm and tender,

Where the answers to my questions lie in pieces on the floor

And when I put them back together, –

They’re not the answers anymore.


Lead me to the open sky of abandonment supreme-

Where I’m flying faster than the speed of sound-

Like in every childhood dream;

Where I dance in the careless impulse of freedom and release –


Lead me through the earthquake –

And may the challenges never cease!


© Danny Scott 

6 thoughts on “Lead Me

  1. This poem is SO you! – Like Mel Gibson in Braveheart with his battle cry of ‘Freedom’!! This is Danny Scott’s battle cry of ‘LIFE’!! ( with a capital ‘L’)

    Thanks for sharing. (Audio does it justice)

    • Yes my friend, I can certainly rock with that! (even if ‘Life’ currently is a bit of a battering ram!), the heart-cry remains the same…”Lead Me”… – ‘Hoping to catch up with you on ‘the other side of the World’ sometime in 2013.

  2. Yeah man! I simply want the Best! Different perspective – ultimate surrender,where words are never adequate, however warm and tender…

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