The ‘Willow’ is one of my favourite trees; achingly beautiful…



“…And the burdened willow, weeps her lament, –

for thoughts not thought,

 and dreams…

not dreamt.


© Danny Scott



4 thoughts on “Willow

  1. Beautiful. The weeping willow … Reminds me of, ‘By the rivers of Babylon we sat down and wept as we remembered Zion… on the willows we hung up our harps …’

    • Thank you.

      …Absolutely, ‘the exiles’ on a journey that would (and continues to) challenge and change the very identity of Papa-God’s people in culture and society; the artist (‘exiles’?) within Church, – and indeed… All of us – if we will let it.

  2. Thanks dear Danny for the invitation. Shakingly I have to admit I wish I were a ‘cactus’ -then I’d know at least where to go…rather today than tomorrow. Daggers

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