In a town called One-Day

Danny Scott: Poetry & Performing-Arts:


I have had, and continue to have, the very real privilege of travelling, teaching, performing, and (a little less often) just simply ‘hanging-out’ in a number of different countries worldwide.   It was Oscar Wilde who once said “School got in the way of my education!…” a statement that doesn’t so much resonate as thunderously crash into, and reverberate within, my own school experience as previously mentioned.


However, a significant amount of my ‘life-education’ has come from, and been deeply tempered by my numerous challenges, mistakes, hurts, joys and defining personal and professional experiences, that have occurred within these other countries and cultures, – this really is a very real ‘education’ for sure!

There are of course many, many differences of opinion, in terms of customs, appropriate behaviour, belief-systems, rhetorical stance, corporate and personal world-view, national attitudes and the like… but within all of these multiple national and international differences, one clear invariant that penetrates to the core of all and every country, culture and sub-culture is the hunger for a solid and clear identity, in who we are!   – An identity that is forged and founded in Papa-God.

I have lost count of the numerous times and occasions, deep into the night, or within the whisper of the small-hours of the early morning, or simply thrown out there during lunch, work  in the middle of the day when someone has come to me in vulnerability, exasperation, defiance, quiet confidence or something in between saying something like: “One day I will get it right”, “One day I will have the confidence….”, “One day I will…” One day… ‘One day’…


“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and confident of what we cannot see…”  in other words, – passionately living what ‘is not yet’ as those it ‘solidly, already is!’ –One-dayhas already begun, it is already here!

To find myself in so many extreme and diverse circumstances & situations and yet to be continually met with this same human heart-cry, “One-day…” had a profound effect on me.

– Reflecting on this late one night, that ‘life-dam’ broke and I shouted out loud into the darkness of the middle-distance: “(your)- ‘One-day’ it is already here; it is right here, right now!” and after so doing,  wrote the following poem, entitled:  “In a town called One-day!”

Danny.                                                                                                                                                                           “In a town called One-Day” – (audio/vocal) 


  “In A Town Called One-Day

You will shed the skin of self-protection

borne out of want – but not believing

‘See with crystal clarity, not dimly through a glass-

the Spirit of this age and his deceiving

‘Run through clover’d fields- carefree

with rolling open sky

(You’ll) know you’re worth in Heaven and Earth

‘Hold your head up high

(You’ll) step out of the shadow of ‘seasoned control’-

that childhood conditioning brings

Be brave enough to ‘call the bluff’ and give flight to your wings

‘Renounce the throne of “Heir To Be”-

(And) the luxury of an educated mind

Stepping down, remove your crown-

not knowing what you’ll find

(You’ll) accept that you’re close, yet (so) far away-

from that for which you yearn

‘Admit to the truth, that what keeps you aloof-

is your fear- that you might crash and burn

‘Recall in a moment, in a different time

a tiny seed was sown,

(And) that despite the times of sadness,- then-

you were the happiest you’ve ever known

(You’ll) stop all the hiding – guarding your heart

keeping real love at arm’s-length

‘Realise inside, that your fierce brittle pride-

is a weakness and not a strength

The need to be perfect will then disappear

the deep fear of failure will die

Breath will unlock whatever your block

your silent tears, at last – dry

No-more empty promises ‘cheap hollow words

they’ll be truth now in what you say

You’ll understand –draw a line in the sand

‘Take a breath and embrace a new way

In a town called – ‘One-Day’.


Taken from the CD: “Only when it’s time” – © Danny Scott


3 thoughts on “In a town called One-Day

  1. …’shedding the skin of self-protection’ (it is even more painful than it sounds!), and I’m not so sure it ever gets any easier,because it’s not a once only act, but an everyday one. Life will always bring up times/occasions when we want to ‘cover up’ and hide away – to shed that skin is always to be vulnerable – it is to have a heart that ‘bleeds’ – ouch! (but also a heart that’s alive!!).

    • Hey Vanessa, – Yeah, you are so right – ‘bleeding’ and “Ouch!” definitely,

      But… (And don’t forget to…) – “Call Life’s bluff and give flight to ‘your’ wings!…”

      (‘Alive’ is so “ALIVE”!). – Thank you for your insightful and poetic reflections. – Beautiful.

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